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What’s Your Favorite Song?

Tough question, sure. But if you’re a music lover, I know you have one. Because “It’s hard to choose just one!” is such an incredible cop out, and you know it. Seriously – what’s the one song you could listen to on repeat for the rest of your life and never worry about it growing old and tired? The one song that makes every waking morning tolerable and every night serene. The one song that makes the greatest difficulties and challenges of life strangely acceptable.

That one, single song.

For me, it’s The Backseat by The Gaslight Anthem from the album, The ’59 Sound. It’s a song that takes me a halcyon place and can alter my entire mental state after only the first verse. Immediately, with the very first line, the expected Springsteen influences shine through with “In the backseat of burned out cars…” and draws up legendary imagery from Thunder Road (a song that wasn’t far from the crown).

The chorus -

You know the summer always brought in
That wild and reckless breeze
And in the backseats, we just tried to find
Some room for our knees

- brings me back to those invincible days of driving around the Jersey Shore in the back of my friend’s Ford Explorer, blasting music, and seeking out girls we could pretend to hit on. We would head to the beach every evening at sundown to play wiffle ball and leave it all behind – life, school, crappy jobs, everything. With a trusty Xbox, the Ocean City boardwalk, and a fridge stocked with unpretentious beer, we were unstoppable come summer.

And, of course, the verse that further brings it home –

Come July, we’ll ride the ferris wheel
Go ’round and ’round and ’round
And if you never let me go
Well, I will never let you down


So, then, what’s your favorite song?

My second place finishes:
* Come Back – Pearl Jam
* Badlands – Bruce Springsteen
* Climb to Safety – Widespread Panic
* This River is Wild – The Killers
* Desolation Row – Bob Dylan


Gundam Advanced Grade 1/144

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Gundam 1

One of my nerd hobbies is building Gundam models. I just received a delivery of 3 Advanced Grade 1/144 models, so I’ll post pictures as I finish them.


White Manna Burgers - Hackensack, NJ


White Manna Burgers

Hackensack, New Jersey. Fantastic burgers.


Abandoned Soho Hospital - Belleville, NJ

New Jersey, Photography, Photos

Abandoned Soho Hospital

Belleville, New Jersey.


Jimmy Buff's Italian Hot Dog

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Jimmy Buff’s Italian Hot Dog

Doesn’t get much better than this. A Jimmy Buff’s combo – hot dog, sausage, peppers, onions, deli mustard, and potatoes – all stuffed into a pizza roll. Straight from West Orange, New Jersey.


If you’re connected with me via any social network (or even via real life), you’re probably aware of my deep and obvious affection for Titanfall. It’s really a fantastic game and a much needed, swift kick in the groin of the FPS genre. Seriously – just watch the gameplay footage above involving a bunch of Titans trying to work out their differences. Madness!

A few of my favorite things in the game are two Titan abilities in particular – Electric Smoke and Nuclear Ejection.

The former is a sort of smoke screen that you can deploy to cause damage to nearby Titans and also shield yourself from the vision of enemies. It has the additional benefit of just pissing people off. And Nuclear Ejection allows you to, when you’re about to be doomed, eject from your Titan and detonate it at the same time – causing, of course, everything nearby to explode. It’s fun even if you’re killed by it – and that’s a rare thing.

Anyway, I’m afraid of how you’ll feel about me after knowing this, but I actually had a Titanfall-themed dream last night involving my two favorite and aforementioned aspects of the game. For whatever reason, I was in a Titan doing chores around my home (I didn’t get a backstory) when my wife approaches me…

Chrissy: “Hey buddy, you know this lawn isn’t going to mow itself.”

Me: “Uh, yeah, well…


The lawnmower is then destroyed by the Electric Smoke, and I use the screen to split. Brilliant move on my part.

She finds me again, unfortunately, and brings me a brand new lawnmower. At that point, I have no choice but to use the Nuclear Ejection and blow the damn thing to hell. The End.

Of course, Katy Perry eventually showed up, but I really shouldn’t get into that here.