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The Generations Between Them

As my 92-year-old Grandmother sat at my parents’ dinner table on Easter Sunday devouring three sweet potatoes with only her fingers, she laid her eyes on Mackenzie (her fifth Great Grandchild) for the very first time. Both just stared. Mackenzie didn’t make strange. It was a fantastic moment.

Mackenzie is fortunate enough to have three Great Grandmothers (two of whom she has met). And when I see them together, my mind is blown at the generations that separate Great Granddaughter and Great Grandmother. I think about how many decisions, events, and days have passed since each came into this world. How being a woman in this world could mean something completely different for Mackenzie than it did for any of her Great Grandmothers.

Mackenzie with her Great Grandmother

Generational differences aside, I know that she’ll love just as they always have.

Mackenzie with her Great Grandmother

Taking Back Sunday & The Used at The Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA
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Take Me Back Sunday

I took a musical journey back to my high school and college eras with a show at The Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA featuring Taking Back Sunday and The Used. Though I wouldn’t say I stopped liking these acts altogether, but I haven’t paid the greatest attention to them in recent years. Both of these bands stormed through my early morning playlists for my 5:00am train rides to Temple back in my college days. So, this was really a blast.

After a few bands I never heard of did their thing (Tonight Alive and Sleepwave), The Used played an absolutely fantastic set. Bert was a little yappy and said some dumb things, most notably when he randomly took a shot at the entire state of New Jersey. But they killed it with a great track selection, including I Caught Fire, Buried Myself Alive, The Taste of Ink, A Box Full of Sharp Objects, and All That I’ve Got. I really missed Cut Up Angels, though. And although Bert declared Smells Like Teen Spirit “the greatest song ever written” (really, it’s pretty much the opposite), bravo to them. They’re officially back in my weekly rotation.

Then entered Taking Back Sunday, a band that I haven’t seen live since 2007 when they were on the Projekt Revolution tour. I wish they could have played every single song in their catalog, but overall the set list (below) was great. And the best part? Adam nailed the mic flips and twirls around his neck with insane precision, and I’m glad that never left the act. And just hearing Cute Without The ‘E’ live again put the biggest smile on my face. Thanks, guys.

I return to The Sands Event Center on May 15 to see The Killers, a show celebrating the venue’s second birthday.

TBS’ Setlist

1. Preface
2. Stood A Chance
3. Timberwolves At New Jersey
4. Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
5. Faith (When I Let You Down)
6. You Know How I Do
7. Beat Up Car
8. Number Five With A Bullet
9. What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?
10. A Decade Under The Influence
11. Better Homes And Gardens
12. You’re So Last Summer
13. Error: Operator
14. Flicker, Fade
15. Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)
16. MakeDamnSure


Baby's First Easter

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Her First Easter

The Easter Bunny found her!


Skywatch on a Crown and Buckle Strap

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My Skywatch on a new leather strap from Crown & Buckle.



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TBT: That Honda Civic

My first car out of college. Fully body kit and HFP rims (which nearly matched the car’s color perfectly) straight from Honda. Custom tail lenses to boot. I loved that damn car.

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What’s Your Favorite Song?

Tough question, sure. But if you’re a music lover, I know you have one. Because “It’s hard to choose just one!” is such an incredible cop out, and you know it. Seriously – what’s the one song you could listen to on repeat for the rest of your life and never worry about it growing old and tired? The one song that makes every waking morning tolerable and every night serene. The one song that makes the greatest difficulties and challenges of life strangely acceptable.

That one, single song.

For me, it’s The Backseat by The Gaslight Anthem from the album, The ’59 Sound. It’s a song that takes me a halcyon place and can alter my entire mental state after only the first verse. Immediately, with the very first line, the expected Springsteen influences shine through with “In the backseat of burned out cars…” and draws up legendary imagery from Thunder Road (a song that wasn’t far from the crown).

The chorus -

You know the summer always brought in
That wild and reckless breeze
And in the backseats, we just tried to find
Some room for our knees

- brings me back to those invincible days of driving around the Jersey Shore in the back of my friend’s Ford Explorer, blasting music, and seeking out girls we could pretend to hit on. We would head to the beach every evening at sundown to play wiffle ball and leave it all behind – life, school, crappy jobs, everything. With a trusty Xbox, the Ocean City boardwalk, and a fridge stocked with unpretentious beer, we were unstoppable come summer.

And, of course, the verse that further brings it home –

Come July, we’ll ride the ferris wheel
Go ’round and ’round and ’round
And if you never let me go
Well, I will never let you down


So, then, what’s your favorite song?

My second place finishes:
* Come Back – Pearl Jam
* Badlands – Bruce Springsteen
* Climb to Safety – Widespread Panic
* This River is Wild – The Killers
* Desolation Row – Bob Dylan